US states with legal sports betting

US states with legal sports betting

As we know, the US Courts struck down the federal ban on wagering on May 14, 2018. Now every US state can decide itself to adopt sportsbook and wagering or not, and we are registering news every day. Actually there are 8 states in which sports betting is legal:

  1. Nevada, legalized in 1949
  2. New Jersey, launched june 2018
  3. Delaware, launched june 2018
  4. West Virginia, launched august 2018
  5. Mississippi, launched august 2018
  6. Rhode Island, launched august 2018
  7. New Mexico, launched october 2018
  8. Pennsylvania, launched november 2018

In Montana and New York wagering is legal but not implemented yet. Ohio, Illinois, Arkansas and Michigan have pending legislation.

Unfortunately there are many states where sports betting should be legalized but actually failed: California, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Maryland.

We will update this article everytime a new state will legalize sportsbook, so stay tuned.